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Training from Lean4NGO Partners

I have carefully curated these choices to ensure they contain high-quality content suitable for NGOs. Our community is always looking for more training material, so please contact me if you have material to share:

Lean Terms Glossary

Gemba Academy Training
Module Overviews

Gemba Academy has been providing high quality, in-depth Lean and Six Sigma training since 2009. Here is a short list of introductory sessions for a variety of core topics, most around 10 minutes in length.

Note: These overview sessions are intended to help their customers understand the basic topics and choose where to invest in the intensive fee-based modules. These orientation sessions also provide an excellent free introduction for the Lean4NGO community. There are many additional overview sessions not listed here, and available by browsing the Gemba Academy Catalog.

Short Stops: Quick Lean Lessons

This series of "Short Stop" courses help people quickly grasp and practice key Lean lessons in just 10-20 minutes. 

Beau Keyte is a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute. He received a Shingo prize for The Complete Lean Enterprise (2005) the first comprehensive book dedicated to value stream mapping in the office and service industries. Beau serves on the coaching faculty at Ohio State University.

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